Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Giveaway!

We are offering up either an OsoCozy Fitted, OsoCozy AIO, or a Bummis training pant to the person with the most creative Thanksgiving picture. Your picture must include cloth diapers. You may use your baby as a prop. Submit your photos to info@diaperenvy.com and we'll post it to our Facebook wall. The photo with the most "likes" will win! So tell your friends to vote! Ends on Thanksgiving. Winner will be tallied on Friday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Review and Giveaway!

Natural Baby Giveaways has reviewed OsoCozy Fitted Diapers and Bummis SuperBrite covers. Here is a link to the blog ---> DiaperEnvy.com™ Review on Natural Baby Giveaways Blog Take a look at the review and enter the contest to WIN a gift certificate to our online store!
- Dave

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Product!

Happy Heinys Happy Hempy Organic Fitted Hemp Cloth Diaper

Happy Hempys are made of two luscious layers of Hemp Fleece, which is a combination of 55% hemp 45% cotton. You can choose an optional layer of custom-milled microfleece on the inside to keep baby feeling dry. Happy Hempys have been happy hempysprewashed to remove oily build up and to help prevent shrinkage, although they may shrink a small amount with successive washings.

Happy Hempys have elastic at the legs and back to allow for a snug yet comfortable fit. They are made with Aplix brand hook and loop closures which fit a wide range of babies and make for very fast diaper changes on wiggly little ones. The big benefit of Happy Hempys is that you decide what to stuff them with and how much stuffing your baby needs. Inserts are sold separately.

Happy Hempys are fitted diapers and do need to be used with a cover. For night time use, fleece and wool covers are wonderful, as they allow baby's skin to breathe all night. We recommend fleece or wool covers. The Happy Hempy without microfleece is an all natural diaper.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Brand and Product!

Hello All! We are happy to announce that we will be carrying a cloth diaper friendly rash cream by Grandma El's! I hope to have 2oz bottles up on the site for sale before the week is out! Also a few additions to the Happy Heinys line will be coming soon as well to help keep your baby comfy this winter.

New Give Away!

Check out our latest review on the "Mommy is green" blog and enter to win a Happy Heinys All in one diaper from us! The Mommy is green blog also features great reviews of other green products that you might find interesting!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Heinys One Size Diaper Covers.

We now have Happy Heinys One Size Diaper Covers for sale in a 5 different styles! Follow this link for more info! ---> Happy Heinys One Size Diaper Covers!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Congrats to our neighbor to the north Abbie N. for winning a FuzziBunz all in one diaper from yours truly! Enjoy the fluff Abbie and happy cloth diapering!


For chances to win great products from DiaperEnvy.com™ please check out these reviews from our friends:

1. Stash Mama Blog, review of a FuzziBunz AIO and our registry system!
Stash Mama

2.It's Me Melbie!, review of OsoCozy Prefolds, Snappi and Bummis diaper cover.
It's Me Melbie!

3.And then there were four..., review of Organic OsoCozy fitted diaper and Bummis SuperBrite diaper cover. And Then there were four...

More great reviews and giveaways coming soon!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My cloth diapers are not absorbent anymore, what do I do?

If you are washing your cloth diapers with a traditional name brand detergent there are a few things you should know....

1. Most detergents recommend you use far more than you need to. A load of cloth diapers (we are talking 50 regular sized diapers, not the college "I am going to save money by cramming an entire semester worth of laundry in a single load" style.) should only take about a tablespoon of detergent.

2. These detergents are often leave a residue on your clothes and over time this will build up until finally there is a layer thick enough to repel fluids.

-How to fix this problem-

**Check your machine manual to make sure this isn't going to cause a problem!**

1. To remove this film use a degreasing soap such as dawn liquid soap, add it to your liquid repelling / non-absorbent cloth diapers (A table spoon will do it, no other detergent necessary).

2. Let the load soak over night and then rinse them as many times as it takes until there are no soap suds in the machine when it is agitating the diapers.

3. That's it! Congratulations you have just "Stripped" your cloth diapers as we call it in the industry. It should greatly improve their performance and smell if they were holding a scent.

**Using a cloth diaper friendly detergent can help you avoid this problem. We use Rockin' Green Laundry detergent, it rinses completely clean, is phosphate free (environmentally friendly), and smells great! Click here to learn more.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Swimmi Diapers Reviewed

Check out the review of the Bummis Swimmi diaper on the parenting blog And a baby makes three and enter the contest to win a free swimmi diaper from us!

FuzziBunz All in Ones are here!

Cloth Diaper All In One
FuzziBunz All in one cloth diapers

The FuzziBunz® One-Size Diapers are the most adjustable and innovative one-size cloth diapers on the market today! Adjust the diapers to fit babies 7-35 pounds and get a snug fit every time with the button-adjusted waist and leg casings. The leg casings adjust to 8+ settings and the waist adjusts to 4+ settings. Never before has a pocket-style cloth diaper been SO adjustable!

And the great thing about FuzziBunz® is that they always use sturdy snap closures which will withstand 3+ years of use and elastic that is easily replaceable if it ever fails making it a long standing and dependable diapering system for years to come.

About Adjustability

The FuzziBunz® ONE SIZE diaper is adjustable through adjustable elastic, NOT snap downs on the front of the diaper like most one size diapers on the market today. Similar to adjustable waistbands for children and maternity wear, the waist and legs have been made customizable through a button / elastic adjustment system. So instead of 3 length settings, you can set to 8+ very customizable sizes. Instead of NO waist settings, you have up to 4+. So you have a SUPER adjustable diaper without an excess of snaps. It may take a bit of "adjusting" to get to the right size, but when you find the right fit, you set it and forget it.

About Durability

In a One Size diaper 'durability" is especially important. You want that diaper to fit for 3+ years from the time your baby is born until the time they are out of diapers....and possibly for other children. FuzziBunz® are already built to last. After 10 years as a leader in the cloth diaper industry, we prefer the precision and durability of snap closures on our products, and by offering a unique and "replaceable for pennies" elastic system on the diapers, we can promise our customers years of extended use. Not only will your CLOSURES last for 3 years your ELASTIC will LAST for as long as it will and can be replaced in less than 10 minutes! No re-sewing, no seam-ripping! FuzziBunz® are a great and valuable investment. The Truth

FuzziBunz® offers both Pefect Sized and Birth to Potty diapers to consumers. Each have their pros and cons. We believe in "truth in advertising". If a trim fitting diaper is important to you then the "perfect sized" diapers may be suited best for you—most babies only use 2 sizes of diapers (small and medium). If a diaper that will last from birth to potty, and will stand up to three years of use and possibly more is what you value… and you are willing to sacrifice some trimness for this—then the "One Size" may be your diaper of choice. Our company supports your choices and will offer superior product support and warranty whichever you choose.

Help the Wildlife!

I just received an email from FuzziBunz, who is located in Louisiana. They are sponsoring "Cloth for the Coast". This is a drive to accept old prefolds and diaper inserts as well as baby blankets, receiving blankets, burp cloths etc that can be used to clean the wildlife affected by the oil spill.

If you host a website or blog, please put their logo on your page. There is strength in numbers!

FuzziBunz does not benefit from this drive. They have volunteers to sort the products and Fed ex is shipping the donations.

Please help if you can! This is a perfect opportunity to help a cause that can not help itself. See the link below for "Community for the Coast" for additional information on the efforts to help save the wildlife.

- This is the button for the save the wildlife.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cloth-for-the-Coast/128839830484554?v=photos#!/pages/Cloth-for-the-Coast/128839830484554?v=wall - This is their face book link

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tips for heavy wetters

If your child seems to leak often here are a few tips that might help!

1. Make sure that all absorbent materials (all in one inserts, or prefolds) are tucked away into the diaper cover.

2. Make sure that you have the right fit. It may be time to go to a larger size prefold or all in one.

3. Experiment with different folding techniques, you may find that a different fold was just what you needed to solve the situation.

4. Change your child more frequently. Multiple evacuations may be the problem and changing more frequently will certainly help.

5. Try adding an insert to your cloth diaper system. We sell a flannel insert for day time (helps between normal day time changes) and organic cotton doublers that offer even more absorbency ideal for night or day time.

I hope that this is helpful, if you have any specific questions please feel free to ask!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Prefold Prep Service

Our OsoCozy Prefolds are super soft and extra absorbent and fluffy. When you buy them brand new they will need to be washed and dried three times before use. To help all of you moms on the go DiaperEnvy.com™ now offer Prefold Prep Service. When purchasing OsoCozy prefolds on our site, select "Yes Please!" for the Prep Service and we will wash and dry your prefolds three times with Unscented Rockin' Green Classic Rock detergent (A 100% phosphate free and clean rinsing *Also available on DiaperEnvy.com™*) in our Sanitizing machine. Your prefolds will be ready to use right out of the box, saving you time and making your cloth diapering experience even easier.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Diaper Cover Bargain Package!

Mix and Match between the Bummis SuperBrite and Bummis SuperWhisper diaper cover styles and prints. Buy 6 and get the 7th free.
Diaper Cover Bargain

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Diaper Service for Multiple Children

We want to make using cloth diapers easy for you. That's why we have a service option for families with multiple children in diapers! As always, we pick up and drop off on a regular weekly schedule. Service for your first child is regular price, but service for your second is 50% off!
In our efforts to make using cloth affordable, we are thinking up some great package deals on covers and snappi's. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DryMax Diaper Rash....

If you search "dry max diaper rash" on youtube.com there are thousands of videos talking about diaper rash and severe chemical burns... I just need to get up on the proverbial soapbox for a second.... When was the last time a large corporation cared about what their product does to a fraction of their customers? If it's more expensive to recall all of their diapers than it is to settle a few lawsuits then you can bet your bottom dollar that they are going to take whatever hits may come their way until they can figure out a better formulation.  I mean, recalling all their diapers would admit that they were wrong right?  All I can say is that my son was wearing disposable diapers (non drymax) when we came home from the hospital and was getting a fairly mild rash on the regular. We did the unthinkable and switched to cloth.  Since "coming to the other side" we have had minimal leaks and almost no diaper rash. It's amazing! I will never put any crazy chemical next to my baby's butt as long as I can help it.
What do you think?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Prince Lionheart Products!

DiaperEnvy.com is excited to offer Prince Lionheart products!  Keep your eyes peeled as they will start to show up on the site in the next few weeks.  Warm bum wipes here we come!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Do we have what you want?

Good Evening!  With the influx of new products being talked about and being added to the site, it got me wondering; "Are we carrying what people want?"  We at DiaperEnvy.com have researched and used all of the products we sell.  If it is on the site, then it's passed judgement and has been deemed worthy of sale.  We are continually looking for new products that cloth diapering parents want.  Products you can look forward to seeing will always be posted in advance.  Please let us know if there is something out there you want to see added to our line up! 
We are working on getting some more brand name AIO's like Fuzzibunz, Happy Heiny, Swaddlebees and Blueberry. You can expect a larger variety of cloth diaper friendly detergents, Charlie's Soap and Allens.  And other diapering sundries like Planetwise changing pads as well as Bummis swimmi and training pants as previously mentioned.
As always, our diaper service is available for clients in the Capital Region of NY.  We love to show off our products and will come to your home so you can see them, and have a more hands on experience while we answer any questions you may have.  If you are interested please email us!

DiaperEnvy.com™ News!

Happy to announce that we will finally be offering a terrific all in one cloth diaper that will last from day 1 through potty training! FuzziBunz™ all in ones are fully adjustable and made of great materials that stand up to everything your little one can dish out, serve up, make happen, process, produce... (you get the idea). They will be available in a multitude of cool colors and should be in stock some time next week. We will keep you posted.

Send us your baby pics!

Sorry Bloggers should have been more specific. (new to the whole blog thing...), send your baby pics to: info@diaperenvy.com and we will post them (no naked baby bums!)

DiaperEnvy.com™ News!

Hello everyone, We are proud to announce that in addition to the reusable swim suits that we just added, (bummis swimmis, pictured below) we will be also carrying Bummis training pants. They are reusable pull ups that will help your little boy or girl transition to using the potty. More on that soon. Thanks and Happy cloth diapering!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Post your favorite picture, first ten get a free sample of Rockin' Green!

Getting ready to take a trip!

DiaperEnvy.com™ News!

Just in time for summer, we will be carrying Bummis Swimmi:

-From the Riviera to the neighborhood kiddie pool, your baby will have the cutest bum around. And rest assured - nobody will ever have to empty the pool because of your little darling! Fashion and peace of mind - what better combination can there be in a baby swimsuit ....


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How did you get into Cloth Diapering?

My husband and I had heard about cloth diapering from friends before we were pregnant but really never gave it any thought until I found out that I was expecting. We decided that it would be fun to cloth diaper, being that there are so many different types of cloth diapers out there as well as fun covers with adorable prints. I have found they are really not any harder to use than disposables, also it is much less expensive in the long run.